Digital Product Creation

Boost your business with cloud native applications

To prepare for future business challenges, you need to design and develop digital products that are cost-effective, scalable and resilient. Cloud is the perfect platform to drive rapid and agile application development that digitally transforms your business.

Get results fast and cost effectively with cloud native

The public cloud is not just a data center. It provides higher abstraction technologies and services, that help produce results in less than half the time and cost compared to traditional infrastructure based development approaches. Digital Products built on these services scale automatically to user demand both technically and financially, leading to operating cost savings to over 90%.


Need to process large amounts of data, connect to physical devices or leverage artificial intelligence? No problem. Public cloud provides advanced services that make these capabilities available for all at minimal costs.


Success of your digital products is eventually driven by successful customer adoption. Utilisation of human centric design methods and design sprints ensure that the services produced meet and exceed expectations of the end users.

From idea to production in 4 steps

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Product Architecture Workshop

Work with our experts in conceiving a cloud native architecture for a digital product


Technology Proof-of-Concepts

Prove feasibility of product and mitigate technology risks with limited scope project

Product Prototyping

Validate product concept with a product prototype using design sprints


Digital Product Creation Projects

Agile turn-key implementation of  a production ready solution

Digital R&D Team Augmentation

Augment capabilities of existing product creation team(s) with our experts


Application Management

Ensure seamless operations and feature development of services in production


With over 500 projects under our belt, we have the best practices and tools in place to help you achieve your success.

Digital Product Design and Development

Develop digital products that are scalable and resilient. The pubic cloud is a perfect platform to drive application development that digitally transforms your business.

Boreal IT Solutions deep experience on major hyperscale cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)  allows us to fully leverage the cloud’s computing scalability, security and sustainability by designing and developing tailor-made cloud applications that match your business needs and ambitions, and help you make the most out of the cloud infrastructure.

In practice


Learn how Boreal IT Solutions can provid implementations of Greengrass, an IoT solution of Amazon Web Services that enables clients to use exactly the same technology on edge devices as on customer premises

Digital self-services channels

We design and build digital self-service channels that leverage the full potential of the public cloud under the hood and provide a superior user experience on the front.

Data Driven Products

We create digital products that generate insight from data collected from devices, applications or other sources.

Intelligent User Experiences

We leverage AI to produce an enhanced, more personalised and natural user experience.

Connected Devices

We build digital products and services that link the physical to digital usign technologies such as IoT and Edge computing.