Data Driven business

Data leads to new business insights in order to lead in your industry

Make better business decisions and grasp new service opportunities with our data-driven solutions. Delivering business intelligence and insight, we enable your team to maximise the benefits of the public cloud and Artificial Intelligence to enhance core business processes and customer experience. We help you all the way from idea to production.

Success built on data

Improve business processes, create new digital services and become a true data-driven business by leveraging the full potential of data. Enable advanced analytics by building cost-effective and scalable data platforms based on cloud-native services.

Learn with the cloud

Let applications based on artificial intelligence and machine learning continuously measure and monitor the pulse of your business. Leverage pre-trained AI services to generate insight from unstructured data.

Bridge the physical to digital

Understand and leverage data collected from physical assets to drive efficient decision making or build the next generation of connected products. Build a secure and scalable solution on cloud native IoT services.

Our 4 step approach to future-proof your organisation

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Discover the data driven opportunities that impact your business.

  • Data / AI Envisioning workshops
  • Data architecture assessment workshop

Validate opportunities with your stakeholders to mitigate business and technology risk.

  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Pilots

Build data platforms and intelligent applications that help you leverage the full potential of data.

  • Service / UX design
  • Application Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning

Ensure that the applications deliver optimal business outcomes with monitoring and proactive optimisation.

  • Application Management
  • Platform Management


With over 500 projects under our belt, we have the best practices and tools in place to help you achieve your success.


The internet of things creates new businesses opportunities. Leverage them with the tailored applications and business models built by our experts, providing your business with intelligence that results in better decision making.

Connect your devices and process and manage data at the edge or in the cloud to maximise value and minimise downtime.

In practice



Learn how Boreal IT Solutions provided the implementation of Greengrass, an IoT solution of Amazon Web Services that enables clients to use exactly the same technology on edge devices as on customer premises

Machine Learning

Get to know your business and customers better through unparalleled capabilities of machine learning. Boreal IT Solutions engineers help you to get the most out of your data by building custom machine learning models providing all the information you need to retain your competitive edge.

Intelligent Applications

With Boreal IT Solutions AI and cloud native development expertise, leverage the pre-trained AI services provided by the cloud vendors to create engaging user experiences.

Data Platform

Leverage the full potential of data with a tailored data platform. Boreal IT Solutions engineers will build cost-effective and scalable data ingestion, storage and analytics on public cloud, offering you advanced business insights.

Data Applications

Build custom portals and dashboards that make your data and machine-learning generated insight actionable to your employees and customers.