Want to kickstart you Cloud Journey? If you need a quick solution for specific blockers in your journey, let us help with our standard packages.


In addition to longer term consulting engagements, Boreal IT Solutions can help you plan the next steps in the journey or even reboot your journey if you have stalled.

The following are examples of our advisory packages for our customers:

Cloud Enablement Workshop

Cover both technical governance and the cloud operating model in a 3 day workshop. After the workshop you will have a good idea on the next steps of implementing your cloud governance and

Cloud Strategy & Awareness Workshop

A half day workshop aimed at the management discussing the most important elements of cloud benefits, strategy and business case.

Cloud Strategy

Want to define your cloud strategy beyond “Cloud first”? A good way to get started is our 6 week cloud strategy approach built around understanding your current situation, target state and then building the plan for moving forward.

Cloud Operating Model Design

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) and a well stated operating model around cloud are crucial for realizing the benefits of public cloud. However, all organisations are different and a standard model will not work for everyone.

To ensure you get the benefits, we’ve decided to standardise the design process instead and adopted a sprint based approach for as-is analysis and designing the needed capabilities for your CCoE.


If you haven’t yet started your migration, we can help you find the direction. In addition to implementing the migration & modernisation of your application portfolio, we can get you quickly started in the designing the path forward.

In addition to custom migration & modernisation projects we can help you with the following services:

Cloud Business Case & TCO

Understand the business case for your cloud migration either with a directional business case & directional TCO built in a few days or plan a more detailed approach.

Migration workshop

A detailed discovery and assessment of your entire application portfolio will take weeks, but a good way to get started is with a facilitated first pass analysis. In the workshop we cover the different migration strategies.

Cloud Migration Discovery & Assessment

What is your application strategy on cloud? Our Detailed Discovery services can analyse your Application and Infrastructure environment and provide a migrate or modernise roadmap along with the business case.

Our approach is based on automated discovery, analysis and assessment combined with expert support.

Cloud Migration Factory

Have your plans ready and just want to get to cloud fast? Use the Cloud Migration Factory to plan, design, migrate, onboard and optimize the workloads to target cloud.

VMware on cloud

Need to integrate legacy services running on Vmware to your new Cloud hosted apps? Need to optimize or scale your Vmware platform service?

Let Boreal IT Solutions as VMware partner and MSP to major hyperscalers to take your Vmware based services to hyperscale level by plan, move, onboard and optimize your Vmware platform on AWS, Azure or GCP.


Boreal IT Solutions Cloud Architects and Engineers can help in building your cloud platforms, pipelines and tooling.

Cloud Foundation Workshop

The foundation workshop is a condensed way to identify the requirements and build the technical design and governance requirements for your Public Cloud Foundation.

AWS, Azure or GCP Foundation

Foundation is a combination of the technical solution, processes and documentation required to provide secure landing zones for cloud applications.
Our approach is based on software-driven delivery where common needs usually cover 80%, speeding up the project and helping us focus on the customisations that deliver value for the customer.

DevOps Workshop

Do you recognise the need for DevOps, but don’t know enough about the topic to design your journey? The workshop can walk you through the key concepts in 3 days and

DevOps Coaching

Supporting the switch to a DevOps way of working and increasing your agile maturity requires long term effort in addition to workshops. Boreal IT Solutions can provide coaching packages or expertise to help you reach the right maturity level.


Our bread and butter is building cloud-native software that solves actual business problems using cloud technology. We can help you build and design the solutions either with projects and agile teams that are customised to your needs or with one of our predefined approaches:

Design Sprints

A design sprint is a good way to design, build a prototype and validate the solution in just 5 days.

Digital Product Creation

Digital Product Creation is an expansion on the thinking behind the Design Sprint with the goal of creating an actual production service for customers (Minimum Viable Product

Cloud Native Application Architecture Workshop

Thinking of modernising a single application with cloud native technologies? The workshop takes a deep dive in a selected application and helps designing a modern approach for modernisations using serverless components from public cloud.

Design Systems

Design systems turn your designs modular and reusable. They save time, decrease costs and provide a unified user experience for your customers.
We can help you build and maintain Design systems for your organisation.


Everybody’s talking about AI and machine learning, but how to get started in practice?  In addition to data architecture, engineering and data science expertise with custom solutions, we can help you figure out the right next steps with a predefined workshop.

AI Envisioning Workshop

The Envisiong workshop is a good way to get started with AI & Machine Learning, discover your key data assets, identify challenges and prioritise your opportunities.

Data Platform Architecture Workshop

If you are considering migrating your existing data platform, DW or data lake to cloud, the workshop can help you in designing the solution using cloud native technologies..


If you have workloads in the public cloud or designs for systems there, we can help you ensure everything is in line with best practices.

AWS Well Architected Review

Official AWS Well Architected Review conducted by a Boreal IT Solutions Cloud Architect, following the methodology and the five Well Architected Pillars: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.

Azure Best Practice Review

A best practice review focusing on a single workload or your cloud foundation in Azure. Based on best practices from Microsoft and Boreal IT Solutions Azure projects. Conducted by an Azure certified Cloud Architect.

GCP Best Practice Review

A best practice review focusing on a single workload or your cloud foundation in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Based on best practices from Google and Boreal IT Solutions projects. Conducted by a GCP certified Cloud Architect.

Cloud Security Assessment

A security focused review targeted on the selected cloud platform.