Financial Services in the Public Cloud

Our FSI ready offering gives you a headstart

The Financial Services & Insurance (FSI) landscape is changing and we’re helping FSI businesses future-proof and re-shape their industry through increased agility, security, scalability, and cost savings—all by moving their workloads to the public cloud. Are you ready?

FSI landscape is changing: Financial institutions as software houses, the rise of FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech

How do you improve profitability and speed to market whilst keeping products relevant as well as manage competition?

10x increase in number of data points in the last few years

How do you improvise your business operating model and manage the costs of operations and compliance whilst growing data, computing and security needs?

Customer touch points and changing market dynamics

Are you able to invest in innovation and strategic initiatives, and are your opportunity costs too high?

Are you able to take advantage of changing dynamics to innovate and add value to your business? With global regulators clearing their stance on public clouds, new possibilities are opening up for public cloud adoption in FSI.

Financial Services in the Public Cloud with Boreal IT Solutions

Strategy & Implementation
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Cloud Advisory & Adoption: business case, strategy & adoption path
  • Cloud Governance, Risk & Compliance: manage risk whilst moving to cloud through effective governance and technology adoption in line with regulatory compliance
  • Cloud Operating Model: train & build teams to operate cloud
  • Cloud Competency Centre: manage your global competency through best practices
Build & Operations
  • Core infrastructure
  • FSI grade technical architecture: focus on data, security, network & access
  • Enterprise DevOps & process automation: continuous integration, continuous delivery, improved efficiency, enhance productivity with measurable metrics
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP): disaster recovery, back-ups, high availability for interrupted operation
Security & Resiliency
  • Security Operations Centre: continuously assess and monitor your operational and security infrastructure through management dashboards and dedicated 24/7/365 managed operations
  • Stress & scenario based testing: proactively look after your operational resiliency, predict and avoid meltdowns and manage your business better


With over 500 projects under our belt, we have the best practices and tools in place to help you achieve your success.

Datacentre Migration

“Our clients want to focus on data integrity, control and the certainty of compliance. The management and change management of compliance technology, while critical, is not differentiating for a bank.

The ability to deliver our world-class solution as a service allows AxiomSL to provide more value and a better solution to our clients. Boreal IT Solutions helped us accelerate our migration to cloud. Our ability to move confidently from concept to client-ready in less than 9 months was in no small part due to their experience and skill.”

Peter Tierney, CEO APAC, AxiomSL

  • Boreal IT Solutions was instrumental in guiding AxiomSL through digitally transforming their software products on the cloud journey
  • Boreal IT Solutions helped AxiomSL define their cloud Governance, Security and support model through a guided cloud enablement workshop.
  • As a result security controls,  regulatory procedures, core infrastructure, support model and cost management standards for all AxiomSL AWS deployments were defined.
  • Boreal IT Solutions helped fully automate the deployment and operations of their SaaS product, careful to take into account the regulatory procedures.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

During an enablement workshop,Boreal IT Solutions local engineers assess the cloud readiness of your organisation. Guided by your requirements and goals, a roadmap for success is developed to create a string, scalable and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Strategy

As the leading independent European cloud service provider, we have a thorough understanding of cloud operations and strategy. Experience has taught us the best practices for every cloud platform, allowing our customers to take advantage of this expertise to transform their business.

Cloud Governance

Strong governance policies are key to cloud success. From the decision-making processes, through planning, architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation and to management of the cloud solution, we assign the right resources at every stage, ensuring excellent execution and compliance with the latest regulations.

Multi-Cloud DevOps

The shift to a multi-cloud world requires a more effective way to roll out new applications. By leveraging the expertise of our DevOps engineers to construct and scale new services, transforming ideas into applicable solutions that master the multi-cloud ecosystem has never been easier.